Friday, October 06, 2006

Wrong way down a one-way street

So far today I've frantically prepared my niece and nephew for school and driven the wrong way down a one-way street. There is only one way to go from here: up!

Yesterday I spoke with the Admissions department in Liberty University and Gordon Conwell. GCTS is a great school, but you can only take 10 of your 10 classes via Semlink. That would be fine if I didn't desire to stay in NJ. It would be a great way to kick off seminary, but I could never complete my degree and stay here. The woman at Liberty was really helpful and gave me a lot of information. So much in fact that I took a whole page of notes. I believe that I am going to choose Liberty. The program looks good. I suppose that only time will tell, eh?

Back to the beginning. I've never driven the wrong way down a one way street. It was just a dumb moment...I've lived in this city my whole life. Curtis Street has been a one way street my whole life. So, what was going through my head? Yeah...I don't know. Perhaps the alluring smell of coffee and my banana nut muffin? Not so much. For a long time, I've been waiting for "suddenly." Suddenly has come upon me at an alarming rate. Three weeks ago, I was considering seminary from a distance. I was in like with my church, but not willing to commit too much of myself to the church because I was completely afraid. Yeah, I told them I wasn't afraid, but I was. I was pretending to be brave, to be strong and courageous. Something amazing happened while I was pretending. It turned to truth. It's rather profound. It leads me to the question that has burned in my mind since I first read about Joshua. When Joshua and Caleb saw the Promised Land, full of the giants and flowing milk and honey, were they really so undaunted by the giants, or were they saying that, knowing that the more they spoke it, the more they would believe it? They were the youngest of the 12. And of the 12, only 2 thought they could win. Were the 10 speaking out of fear, which was their reality? I'm going with yes on that, since I've been the 2 and the 10. The only way I've become brave is by speaking what I wanted to be and then one day walking into what I want to be. So, I may have begun my day by driving the wrong way down a one way street, but I am spending the rest of my day walking up the mountain.

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