Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A New Beginning

Today seems to be the first day of the rest of my life, so I am beginning a new journey in a new blog.

I will be relocating very the Boston area. I can't wait to have a fresh slate, to start over. I know that my time in Boston will not be that long, and I also know that God is going to do something amazing while I am there.

Tonight I had the overwhelming desire to preach. I miss everything about it...the preparation, the delivery, knowing that God is using me to change people's lives for the better. It is not that I want to be known, but that I want God's name to be made famous throughout the land. I want people to know who God is, what He is about, what it means to truly be a follower of Christ. I can't wait to be free to use the gift that God has given me. I can't wait to be in an environment in which my gifts are not only used but cultivated. In short, I can't wait until I am free to be me. I am tired of living under constraints...the constraint of what other people believe I am, of what other people are told I am, of who other people are told I am. I can't wait until it is time to be me.

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