Tuesday, December 12, 2006


OK. I have a rhetorical question. Why is it that I have been asked the same questions in every interview I've ever had and I always trip over the same questions??????????? Heck. I used to interview people and ask these questions!

What are your career goals?
Well, I like totally want world peace. And I want all of the little kids in Asia and Africa to have food in their stomachs. And I want the new Coach handbag. Isn't it toooo cute?

Tell me about a bad customer interaction. How did you resolve the issue?
Ummmm. Well...like, when I was totally working in Boston at an Asian language publisher, like we totally changed editions 'cause, like, we had to and like, uhhh...
*rolls eyes*

Tell me about a bad day at work.
Ummmm...well...my boss once told me I'm disappointing because I forget to add a comma.
What?!?!?!??!?! Who says that?!?!?!??!!?!? That would be me.

Tell me about one of your best days at work.
Ummmm....welll....yeah, so we ummm...

Put me in front of an official from a township, and I can talk politics, geothermal heathing in schools, how to build a church, how to eradicate hunger in Africa, endothermic chemical reactions. Put me in an interview, and I can barely remember my name.

Oh well...such is life.

Or perhaps it is because this is not the job that I am supposed to have. Yeah...how about, future seminarian, you add God to the equation. Duhhhhh.

I hope you weren't looking for deep thoughts here.

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Colleena said...

You never told me you know about endothermic chemical reactions. Wow!!! You continue to impress me my friend, but unfortunately not with your interview skills :) Like you said....just not the right job.